Table 2

Early years skills foundation profile: all items

Physical development: health and self-careEYFSP05
Communication and language: listening and attentionEYFSP01
Personal, social and emotional: managing feelings and behaviourEYFSP07
Communication and language: understandingEYFSP02
Expressive arts and design: being imaginativeEYFSP17
Understanding the world: people and communitiesEYFSP13
Personal, social and emotional: self-confidence and self-awarenessEYFSP06
Communication and language: speakingEYFSP03
Personal, social and emotional: making relationshipsEYFSP08
Expressive arts and design: exploring and using media and materialsEYFSP16
Mathematics: shapes, space and measuresEYFSP12
Physical development: moving and handlingEYFSP04
Understanding the world: the worldEYFSP14
Mathematics: numbersEYFSP11
Literacy: readingEYFSP09
Literacy: writingEYFSP10
Understanding the world: technologyEYFSP15