Table 1

Decision assessment tool—description of the various elements of the tentative decision tool

Part 1—demographics and backgroundDemographics
Questions regarding having read the information material; understanding and appreciation of the material; previous hospital experiences
Part 2—disease perceptionDrawing reason for surgery as in ref 31
Indicate on a scale of 1–10 the severity of the reason for surgery
Part 3—understandingFeeling of understanding and actual understanding, adapted from ref 27
Part 4—anxietyAdapted from ref 27; indicate on a scale of 1–10 anxiety for surgery; indicate on a scale of 1–10 whether research participation has influenced anxiety
Part 5—interest, satisfaction and role sharingAdapted from ref 30; exercise to draw a pie chart indicating the role sharing in the decision-making process, and a second pie chart with the preferred sharing for a future decision; interview questions to elaborate during drawing
Further questions regarding which information was used for the decision and which aspects were considered in making the decision