1Quality of life (child and parents)Quality of life833.41
2Abdominal painAssociated symptoms773.30
3Faecal incontinenceAssociated symptoms763.24
4Painful defecationDefecation662.96
5Stool consistencyDefecation653.16
6Treatment successTreatment success643.08
7Defecation frequencyDefecation472.67
8Complete information given by doctorOther362.81
1Lack of treatment successTreatment success882.40
2Abdominal painAssociated symptoms842.95
3Stool consistencyDefecation782.57
4Defecation frequencyDefecation682.40
5Faecal incontinenceAssociated symptoms622.28
6Lack of information given by doctorOther441.92
  • Outcomes ranked 1 to 5 no background colour and outcomes ranked 6 to 8 (if applicable a darker colour to visualise they were excluded from the top 5.