Table 6

Shortlist outcome measures of patients ≥12 years old

RankOutcome measuresDomainPercentageAverage rating
1Abdominal painAssociated symptoms863.52
2School absenceTreatment success743.14
3Faecal incontinenceAssociated symptoms662.86
4Quality of life (child)Quality of life542.94
5Defecation frequencyDefecation522.58
6Stool consistencyDefecation422.46
7Use of medicationUse of medication161.92
1Abdominal painAssociated symptoms863.38
2School absenceTreatment success703.08
3Faecal incontinenceAssociated symptoms683.06
4Quality of life (child)Quality of life502.74
5Defecation frequencyDefecation482.48
6Stool consistencyDefecation402.42
7Use of medicationUse of medication222.18
  • Outcomes ranked 1 to 5 no background colour and outcomes ranked 6 to 8 (if applicable a darker colour to visualise they were excluded from the top 5.