Table 1

Cohort data sets and income inequality

Country (region)USAUKAustraliaThe Netherlands (Rotterdam)Sweden (Southeast)
Gini coefficient (for year of data analysed) *37.0
(most unequal)
(most equal)
Year (for data analysed)1999200620042008–20102003
First year of data collection1998/92001/220042001–20051997–1999
Child age at recruitment4–6 years9 months4–5 yearsDuring pregnancyDuring pregnancy
Child age at sweep of data analysed4–6 years4–6 years4–5 years4–6 years4–6 years
Cohort sample size at age 4–6 years21 40915 460498361757445
  • Source:48–52

  • *Gini coefficients (net) from the Standardized World Income Inequality Database. The data from regional cohorts have been assigned the Gini coefficient for the whole country for this analysis. Comparable data on the Gini coefficients of regions were not available.

  • ABIS, All Babies in Southeast Sweden; ECLS-K, Early Child Longitudinal Study K cohort; GenerationR, Generation R Study; LSAC-K, Longitudinal Study of Australian Children K cohort; MCS, Millennium Cohort Study.