Table 1

Suggested themes where governments, clinicians and the public could work together and examples of specific shared goals

ThemeSpecific goal
Economic and social policyMinimise the links between poverty and deprivation and between poverty and inequality.
Reduce the proportion of individuals aged 18–65 years who cannot work for child-onset physical and mental health conditions.
Working with families, children and young adultsHealth seeking behaviour (‘when to worry’ and ‘what to do’)
UNCRC Article 12, respect for the views of children
Increasing use of media to communicate, for example, videoconference and live chat
EnvironmentReduce air pollution exposures
Good quality housing
Walk to school
Proximity to healthy food retail outlets
EducationSelf awareness of mental health issues and awareness of early interventions
Also, see ‘Healthy behaviours’
TransportReduced traffic through residential areas
Reduced speed of traffic through residential areas
Safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists
Healthy behavioursContinue initiatives to reduce smoking and intake of alcohol and high-sugar content foods.
Promote and facilitate exercise.
WorkforceA modest increase in the number of paediatricians
Closer working across primary and secondary care
Child health as an essential component of primary care training
Train advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants in all areas of paediatrics.
DataPredict and be prepared for peaks of activity.
Learn from what works well in one region (‘atlas of variation’).
Child death review
  • UNCRC, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.