Table 2

Rights associated with Article 24: Children’s right to health and healthcare

Article 2Non-discriminationAll rights are to be recognised for each child without discrimination on any grounds
Article 3Best interestsThe best interests of the child should be considered in all decisions related to them
Article 6Survival and developmentOptimal survival and development
Article 12ParticipationRespect for the child’s views in all matters affecting them
Related articlesDescription
 Article 5Evolving capacitiesRights of parents to provide guidance to the child considering her/his evolving capacity
 Article 17Access to informationEnsure accessibility of information from a diversity of sources
 Article 18Parental capacitiesState shall ensure parents have the capacity to fulfil the rights of their children
 Article 19Protection from violenceProtection from maltreatment, and implementation of prevention and treatment programmes
 Article 23DisabilitiesRight to care, education and training to achieve dignity and greatest degree of self-reliance
 Article 25Review of treatmentEntitlement to have placement of children in care evaluated regularly
 Article 27Standard of livingRight to a SOL adequate for physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development
 Article 28EducationRight to free primary education, accessible secondary education and no corporal punishment
 Article 29EducationRight to optimal development of the child’s personality, talents and mental-physical abilities
 Article 32Protection from exploitationProtection from work that threatens his/her health, education or development
 Article 39Recovery of child victimsRight to care and social reintegration for child victims of armed conflict, torture, neglect, and so on
  • SOL, Standard of Living.