Table 1

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Economic rightsAdequate standard of living
Social security
Protection from economic exploitation
Cultural rightsRespect for language, culture and religion
Abolition of traditional practices likely to be prejudicial to a child’s health
Social rightsLife, survival and development
Best possible health and access to healthcare
Family life or alternative care
Family reunification
Fullest social inclusion for disabled children
Support for parents to ensure protection of children’s rights
Protective rightsPromotion of a child’s best interests
Protection from abuse and exploitation
Protection from armed conflict
Protection from harmful drugs
Protection from trafficking
Rehabilitative care postabuse or postneglect
Civil and political rightsHeard and taken seriously
Freedom from discrimination in the exercise of rights
Freedom of religion, association and expression
Privacy and information
Respect for physical and personal integrity
Freedom from all forms of violence, torture, or other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment
Due process of the law
Recognition of the importance of treating the child with respect within the justice system
Not to be detained arbitrarily