Table 2

Median ratings for to importance, knowledge, confidence, skill and prior teaching by paediatric trainees from Northern Ireland by topic

TopicNo of responsesImportanceKnowledgeConfidenceSkillPrior teaching
Growth and puberty during adolescence5953332
Nutrition and obesity5943332
Sexual and reproductive health5953222
Peer relations5943332
Adherence issues5653332.5
Psychosomatic complaints5643332
Common menstrual problems5643332
Adolescent mental health5653332
Eating disorders5653332
Substance use and misuse5643322
Transitional care5653332
Injuries and violence including accidents, self-harm, abuse5643332
Confidentiality, consent, rights, access and personal advocacy5653333
Impact of the environmental context: socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic and gender issues5543332
Issues concerning resources, resilience, exploratory and risk-taking behaviours5343322
Health education and promotion including school health for adolescents5443332
Adolescent asthma5354433
  • Using a 5-point Likert scale (1-strongly disagree, 5-strongly agree), the participants rated their perceived importance, knowledge, confidence, skill and previous teaching.