Table 3

Percentage of facilities in which key skills were correctly performed in simulated NR at baseline and mid-repeat PRONTO training with peer simulation facilitators (n=90 assessment simulations at 45 facilities)

NR skillN*AMANAT Jyoti baseline re-assessmentAMANAT Jyoti mid re-assessmentbaseline to midP value‡
% (n)†Δ %
Stimulation4452.3 (23)62.2 (28)9.90.45
Suction4571.1 (32)66.7 (30)−4.40.84
Neck extension4377.3 (34)90.9 (40)13.60.11
PPV with chest rise4365.1 (28)77.8 (35)12.70.15
Chest rise in ≤30 s2165.4 (17)46.9 (15)−18.50.11
Rate of PPV 40–60 bpm4341.9 (18)51.1 (23)9.20.38
Heart rate assessed4479.5 (35)95.6 (43)16.10.04
  • *Total number of facilities in which NR skill could be assessed at both timepoints; n varies due to video quality.

  • †Per cent (number) of facilities in which NR skill was performed correctly at a given timepoint.

  • ‡McNemar’s test.

  • AMANAT, Apatkaleen Matritva evam Navjat Tatparta; BPM, beats per minute; NR, neonatal resuscitation; PPV, positive pressure ventilation.