Table 1

Existing literature relating to non-operative treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis in children

StudyCountry of originYear of publicationStudy designNo. of children receiving non-operative treatmentComparative study*
Kaneko et al 33 Japan2004Prospective cohort22No
Abes et al 34 Turkey2007Retrospective cohort16No
Armstrong et al 35 Canada2014Non-randomised retrospective cohort12Yes
Koike et al 36 Japan2014Retrospective cohort130No
Gorter et al 27 Holland2015Non-randomised prospective cohort25Yes
Hartwich et al 37 USA2015Prospective parent preference-based feasibility trial24Yes
Minneci et al 32 USA2015Prospective parent preference-based trial37Yes
Svensson et al 16 Sweden2015Pilot RCT24Yes
Steiner et al 38 Israel2015Non-randomised prospective cohort45No
Tanaka et al 39 Japan2015Non-randomised prospective cohort78Yes
  • *Included a comparison group who underwent appendectomy.

  • RCT,randomised controlled trial.