Table 4

The association between management (laboratory tests, imaging, treatment, hospital and PICU admission) and time of arrival at the ED, adjusted regression analyses

Total, n= 119 204Office hours†
(n=50 417)
Evening shift
(n=36 429)
Night shift
(n=14 138)
Day shift weekend
(n=18 220)
aOR* (95% CI)
Laboratory tests0.790.820.92
Hospital admission1.061.321.05
PICU admission1.150.921.19
  • *Adjusted for age, gender, urgency, vital signs, presenting problem and hospital.

  • †Office hours (=day shift week) as reference shift.

  • ‡P value ≤0.05. If not stated: p value>0.05.

  • aOR, adjusted OR; ED, emergency department; PICU, paediatric intensive care unit.