Table 3

A summary of the suggestions for improvement

ThemeSubthemesExample quotes from interviewees
Trainees and trainers preparing for the attachmentAdapting attachment to trainees learning needs and personal development goals‘It’s about picking a few bits and pieces that you would be able to use rather than being an expert at the end of it. Having a conversation with the consultant in the beginning to set your objectives’. (Participant (P) 1)
‘You need to have realistic expectations…it is a different experience so make the most of it but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea’. (P7)
Trainees taking more proactive approach to learning
Ensuring trainees prepared for (and suitable for) this type of attachment
Improving learning opportunitiesMaking more use of specialist resources and other teams‘For the world centre of excellence I would have expected to be taught by world specialists in different areas’. (P9)
More structured teaching/general teaching programme
Rota including clinic
Bedside teaching
Improving pastoral supportMentoring or pastoral support‘There is no senior that looks out for your career progression and wellbeing. Paeds training is so long and takes a massive toll on your life and it would be nice if there was someone who cared… it would make a massive difference’. (P7)
Improving feedbackBetter feedback from seniors‘We have an anonymised feedback box and reflective practice every week in small groups for psychological and pastoral support’. (P2)
Junior–junior or junior–senior meetings or local faculty groups
OtherMore access to audit, project opportunities‘General paed consultants as educational supervisors for the general paediatricians because they could bring up things that you wouldn’t have thought of’ (P2)
Interprofessional learning
Creating educational supervision, for example, Longer spanning supervisors or supervisors from other specialties