Table 2

Summary of benefits of closing schools. Results from Belgian studies and rapid review

BenefitsSchools closedSchools openCertainty of evidence (GRADE)Conclusions of reviews
Per 100 000 for 14 days
Number of infections among teachers6174Very lowTypically only single or few (<5) infections among staff in schools.1
Number of infections amongVery lowOpening/closing schools has inconsistent results on community transmission levels. Reopening schools does not seem to be associated with increased infections in community.17
 0–5 years722Risk of infections in secondary schools is higher compared with primary schools.30
 6–12 years5158
 13–18 years9331
 19–65 years24223
 65+ years3883
Number of infections among grandparents20111Very low
Number of hospitalisations due to COVID-19 infections453804Very low
Risk of transmission from child or teacher to householdNo Belgian dataThe risk of transmission from children (to household or community) is inconclusive.1
  • GRADE, Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation.