Table 1

Age, sex, burn type and designation of ED clinician completing the BaSAT and BuRN-Tool before and after the intervention in each of the four study centres

Centre ACentre BCentre CCentre Dn pre=1150
n post=1293
(n pre=210,
n post=401)
(n pre=416,
n post=399)
(n pre=240,
n post=252)
(n pre=284,
n post=241)
Age profile of cases pre
 (Mean (SD) years)4.9 (4.5)3.2 (3.8)4.1 (4.3)3.4 (4.2)3.8 (4.2)
 (Median (IQR) years)3 (1–8)2 (1–4)2 (1–6.5)1 (1–4)2 (1–5)
Age profile of cases post
 (Mean (SD) years)4.1 (4.2)3.3 (3.7)3.2 (3.9)3.1 (3.7)3.5 (3.9)
 (Median (IQR) years)2 (1–6)2 (1–5)1 (1–4)1 (1–4)2 (1–5)
P value*0.070.590.020.570.4
Gender (% males) pre50.753.960.350.053.7
Gender (% males) post54.855.457.454.455.4
P value*0.350.660.520.320.4
Burn type pre
 % scalds55.757.536.766.655.1
 % contact37.636.046.327.836.4
 % other6.76.517.15.68.5
Burn type post
 % scalds43.656.643.066.051.7
 % contact46.937.643.427.039.6
 % other9.55.813.67.18.7
P value*0.020.840.290.80.23
Professional† completing BaSAT pre
 % nurse58.545.56.811.531.4
 % SHO16.
 % REG17.025.714.166.731.9
 % CONS8.
Professional† completing BaSAT post
 % nurse47.
 % SHO10.
 % REG25.921.011.272.730.2
 % CONS16.
P value*<0.0010.0040.420.480.04
  • *P values stem from Mann-Whitney U tests (age) and χ2 tests (gender, burn type, professional completing BaSAT) representing differences from pre to post within centres.

  • †Nurse includes: nurses, research nurses, emergency nurse practitioner, advanced nurse practitioner.

  • BaSAT, Burns and Scalds Assessment Template; BuRN-Tool, Burns Risk assessment for Neglect and maltreatment in children Tool; CONS, consultant; ED, emergency department; REG, registrar; SHO, senior house officer.