Table 3

Paediatricians characteristics and their association with reaching the target for both the A and B quality indicators (adequate quality)

Paediatricians characteristicsPaediatricians (%)
Adequate quality*p Value†
Type of prescriberLow prescriber19.2<0.001
Mean prescriber10.8
High prescriber5.8
Age (years)≤444.7<0.001
Number of patientsLow≤6458.20.031
Mean 646–107612.9
Area of residenceUrban area at north of Milan‡39.5<0.001
Other areas of the region8.2
  • *Paediatricians who reached the target for the A and B quality indicators.

  • †χ2 test.

  • ‡This area includes those that are part of the cluster identified in figure 1.