Table 1

Intervention mapping framework

Step 1
Needs assessment
  • Establish a stakeholder group

  • Conduct needs assessment

  • Assess capacity

  • Determine programme outcomes

Step 2
Programme objective matrices
  • State expected changes in behaviour and environment

  • State performance objectives

  • Specify modifiable determinants

  • Create a logic model of change

Step 3
Theory-based methods and practical strategies
  • Review programme ideas with representative participants

  • Identify relevant theories

  • Choose programme methods

  • Select or design strategies appropriate to change objectives

Step 4
  • Consult intended participants and implementers

  • Create programme scope, sequence and resources list

  • Develop design documents

  • Review available programme materials

  • Draft programme materials

  • Pretest programme materials with target group and implementers.

  • Produce materials and protocols

Step 5
Adoption and Implementation Plan
  • Identify potential adopters and users

  • Specify adoption, implementation and sustainability performance objectives

  • Specify determinants and create a matrix of change objectives

  • Select methods and strategies

  • Design interventions for adoption and implementation

Step 6
Evaluation plan
  • Develop evaluation model

  • Develop indicators and measures

  • Specify evaluations designs

  • Write an evaluation plan