Table 3

Unprompted message awareness and practice implementation

Key safe sleep messages*Infant care practices employed consistent with associated key message
Caregiver recalled messageCaregiver did not recall messageP value
Baby on back2303/273584.2442/57477.0<0.0001
Head and face uncovered721/92677.91426/225263.3<0.0001
Keep baby smoke-free965/109188.51790/220081.4<0.0001
Sleep in cot in parents’ room162/42138.5909/287631.60.005
Breast feed baby291/32190.72275/300275.8<0.0001
  • *Key message ‘safe sleeping environment’ excluded from analysis due to responses capturing part of, but not all, key components of the ‘safe sleeping environment’ message (ie, safe cot, safe mattress, safe bedding).