Table 1

Awareness of key safe sleeping programme messages

ResponsesTotal number of times response listed* or selected
n (%)
Number of caregivers who provided a response within each category†
n (%)
Unprompted recall question: accurate responses
(ie, consistent with strategies or key messages in the current safe sleep campaign)4
Message 1: sleep baby on back2791 (83.4)
 Baby on back2741 (82.7)
 No prone sleep68 (2.0)
Message 2: keep head and face uncovered2146 (64.2)
 Head and face uncovered952 (28.5)
 Don’t sleep with hats287 (8.6)
 Feet to foot1251 (37.5)
 Use sleeping bag182 (5.5)
 Blankets tucked in1137 (34.0)
Message 3: keep baby smoke-free before and after birth1111 (33.3)
 Smoke-free1101 (33.0)
 No alcohol99 (3.0)
 No drugs46 (1.4)
Message 4: safe sleeping environment night and day2666 (79.8)
 Safe cot (ie, meets current standards)114 (3.4)
 Safe mattress (ie, firm, flat, right size for cot)460 (13.8)
 Nothing in cot (ie, safe bedding—no soft surfaces or bulky bedding)1424 (42.6)
 No pillow862 (25.8)
 No cot bumper606 (18.1)
 No toys1714 (51.3)
 No bulky blankets/doonas125 (3.7)
 No sheepskin14 (0.4)
Message 5: sleep baby in safe cot in parents’ room1590 (47.6)
 Room-share888 (26.6)
 Sleep in cot/own bed (ie, don’t bed-share)1092 (32.7)
 Cot in parents’ room (those who listed both Room-share and Sleep in cot/own bed)426 (12.8)
 Not sleeping on couch with or without another person57 (1.7)
 Not sleeping on a person/chest23 (0.7)
 Not sleeping in sitting devices (eg, bouncer/car seat)22 (0.7)
Message 6: breast feed baby321 (9.6)
 Breast feed321 (9.6)
Unprompted recall question: inconsistent responses
(ie, not a listed strategy or key message but not necessarily incorrect or unsafe)
1535 (45.9)
 Thermoregulation648 (19.4)
 Swaddle/wrapping493 (14.8)
 No blankets/not too many blankets354 (10.6)
 Dummy use140 (4.2)
 Room/cot ventilation107 (3.2)
 Use a baby monitor47 (1.4)
 Immunise baby24 (0.7)
 Other224 (6.7)
Unprompted recall question: shared sleeping responses163 (4.9)
 Factor(s) listed to reduce risk while sharing sleep surface163 (4.9)
Unprompted recall question: hazardous responses60 (1.8)
 Practice(s) known to potentially increase risk60 (1.8)
Prompted multi-choice question: responses3292 (98.5)
 Correct selection of the current 6 key safe sleep messages2425 (73.7)
 Incorrect multi-choice selection745 (22.6)
 Unsure122 (3.7)
  • *Multiple responses could be listed in free-text recall question.

  • †For accurate responses, caregiver number was measured by recall of at least one or more responses related to the key message and/or associated strategies promulgated to support the key message.