Table 3

Strategies for delivery objectives

Delivery objectivesPersonal factorsExternal factorsStrategies
Raised awareness at organisational level with ‘buy in’ to cultural change
  • Perceived importance of the need for training

  • Competing interests and priorities

  • Meeting with the hospital Patient Carer Experience Group

  • Highlighting statutory requirements

  • Reviewing policies and strategies at children’s ward business meeting

Everyone working on the ward are able to attend training
  • Knowledge of training sessions

  • Allocation of time to attend (behavioural control)

  • Accessibility of site

  • Duration of training and timing in day

  • Meeting with senior staff from all disciplines to agree permission to attend

  • Identifying a suitable site

  • Delivering the training at acceptable timings and duration to allow equity of access

Everyone working on the ward attends training
  • Confidence to attend

  • Motivation to attend

  • Modelling by peers who have attended (subjective norms)

  • Visiting the ward and speaking to staff about the training

  • Signing up peers to attend together

  • Providing lunch as a motivator

  • Identifying key figures and encouraging them to attend