Table 2

Distribution of two quality indicators among the paediatricians ordered by type of prescriber

Type of paediatricianIndicator A*Indicator B†Adequate quality according to adherence to both indicators
 NoYesTotal% YesNoYesTotal% YesNoYesTotal% Yes
Low prescriber1213015119.94310815171.51222915119.2
Mean prescriber75110785812.539546385854.07659385810.8
High prescriber143121557.7985715536.814691555.8
 p Value‡0.002<0.001<0.001
  • *Paediatricians who prescribe amoxicillin at the index prescription to at least 50% of their patients.

  • †Paediatricians who prescribe only non-penicillin antibiotics in unrelated infective episodes to a maximum of 10% of their patients included in the study.

  • ‡Cochran-Armitage trend test.