Table 3B

Assessment schedule for intervention group

VisitBlood testUrine testZoledronic acid
(infused over 30 mins)
X-rays, DXA and MRI25(OH) D levelHip range of motionFaces Pain ScaleQuestionnaires: Harris hip score and PODCI
First infusionXXX
48 hours postinfusionX
72 hours postinfusionX
3 months (second infusion)XXXX
6 months (third infusion)XXXXXXX
9 months (fourth infusion)XXXX
12 months (fifth infusion)XXXXXXXX
18 monthsX
24 monthsXXXXX
  • DXA, Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; PODCI, Global Paediatric Outcomes Data Collection Instrument questionnaires.