PAN Description
Definite inflicted injuryThis included pattern bruising, unexplained posterior rib fractures, reliable eyewitness of abuse, highly suspicious injury (pinna bruising)
Suspicious for inflicted injuryIncludes history inconsistent with injuries, multiple severe injuries of different age without explanation, concerning injury with no mechanism.
Unclear for abuseInsufficient information to offer an opinion, non-concerning injury but past suspicious injury with same caregiver, sequence of events clear but uncertain whether they constitute abuse.
Unclear, other CM concernsUnclear; however, the assessment revealed other CM concerns
Accidental injury, not concerning for abuseMechanism explains the injuries with consistent history, conditions that mimic abuse, that is, Mongolian spots. Those injuries were either typical of normal play or there was a witnessed and/or credible parental story of injury.
  • CM, childmaltreatment; SA, sexual assault.