Abstract 406 Table 1

Structure of discussion with patient’s family

Sex of RearingSurgical Procedures NeededFuture Hormone TherapyFertilitySexual FunctionUrinary FunctionRisk of Cancer in Testes
Female vClitoral reduction
Removal of testes
Estrogen during puberty vInfertile
Can conceive with egg donation but with risk as uterus is abnormal
Intercourse possible Intact Nil
Male vConstruction of penis, scrotal sac and urethra Orchidopexy Removal of uterus and fallopian tubes May not need testosterone vSub-fertile
Sperm banking may be possible
Penile function affected (erection during intercourse) May need to sit for urination Approximately 10%
No assignment currently; decision later vTo decide at 21 years of age vReconstruction may be more difficult at later age.
Genitalia may resemble male appearance as testosterone is active up to 1 year.
Depends on chosen sex vSub-fertile as male
Infertile as female
Depends on chosen sex Sit for urination currently
Requires reconstruction later
Approximately 10%