Table 1

Summary of the participating children and their parents

VariableCategoryN%Median (IQR)
Parent(s) present at the interviewMother2271.0
Both parents825.8
Parent’s age (N=28)*<40 years310.748.1 (35.4–54.2)
40–49 years1553.6
≥50 years1035.7
Child’s sexFemale1961.3
Child’s age8–11 years1238.713.1 (8.0–19.1)
12–15 years1135.5
16–19 years825.8
Cystic fibrosis1135.5
Autoimmune disease1135.5
Postcancer treatment929.0
School presence in the past 2 weeksTotal31100100 (0–100)
≥90% of the time2177.8
<90% of the time1032.2
Fatigue†PedsQL general fatigue score (range 0–100)3110079.2 (25–100)
Fatigued (score of >1 SD below the reference values on PedsQL MFS)1238.7
PainVAS (range 0–10)311002.0 (0–9)
VAS≥3 over the past week1135.5
  • *Only available for 28 parents.

  • †Score 0–100, with lower scores indicating increased fatigue.

  • PedsQL MFS, Paediatric Quality of Life Inventory Multidimensional Fatigue Scale; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.