Table 4

Recommendations for practice

Needs identifiedRecommendations for OA/TOF service deliveryApplicable to general service deliveryApplicable to pandemic service delivery
Consistent communication, access to informationProvide a single point of contact within specialist multidisciplinary specialist services, for example, clinical nurse specialist
Engage with, and signpost to, third sector organisations to deliver disease-specific information
Optimisation of remote healthcareUse a co-design framework to develop telehealth services to support individualisation of care and meet patient/parent needs
Invest in technology to support assessment at home
Avoidance of harmMaintain community healthcare services even during periods of high resource need, wherever possible
Acknowledge the burden of parental decision-making during routine follow-up appointments
Identify parental anxiety/mental health concerns related to child’s health/development, signposting for appropriate support
  • OA/TOF, oesophageal atresia/tracheo-oesophageal fistula.