Table 5

Studies on child abuse

First author (Journal)Country (ies)Type of studyMain subjectObjectivesAge (n)Lockdown /school closure and time of data collectionOutcome measuresOther factors (inequalities)Summary of results
Garstang J, et al. (BMJ Open)37UK (Birmingham)Registry of child protectionRoutinely collected clinical data from Child Protection Medical ExaminationTo determine any change in referral patterns and outcomes in children referred for child protection medical examination (CPME) during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with previous years.Children (0–18). N=200 CPMEData were collected for all CPME for 18 week periods in 2018, 2019 and 2020, from the last week in February to the end of JuneIncidence rate ratiosIRR of CPME comparing 2018–19 and 2020A significant drop of 39% (95% CI 14% to 57%) in CPME referrals during 2020 compared with previous years. CPME 2018= 78; 2019=75; 2020=47. Associated mainly to a school staff decreased in referrals.
Kovler ML, et al. (Child Abuse Negl)38USA (Maryland)Clinical registry (Johns Hopkins Hospital of Maryland)Child abuse and maltreatmentTo assess the proportion of injuries secondary to physical child abuse (PCA) at a level I paediatric trauma centre during the COVID-19 pandemic.Younger than 15 yearsChildcare facilities closed on March 27. Analysis: March 28 to April 27 and compare with 2018 and 2019PCA during lockdownAge, race, severity, type of traumaEight patients (13% of total trauma) compared with 4 (2019, 4%) and 3 (2018, 3%).
Baron EJ, et al. (J Public Econ)39USA (Florida)Allegation data from the Florida DCF. County-level, monthly information on the total number of allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment of childrenChild abuse and maltreatmentTo analyse the Florida child abuse Hotline reported cases and compare with previous yearsChildren (not specific age?)Official statewide stay-at-home order in Florida was 3 April 2020. Compare from January 2004–2019 with March and April 2020 monthly allegationsNumber of reported cases associated to schools openedEcological data on county level of economic condition15 000 lower (27%) than expected for these 2 months.
  • DCF, Department of Children and Families.