Table 2

Characteristics of studies included in qualitative analysis and risk of bias ratings

StudyYearNoAgeRegimen 1Regimen 2Main outcomes reported in the studyContextRandomisationAllocation concealmentBlindingIncomplete outcomesSelective reportingOther
Trautwein et al 1 19961405–18 yearsX-Pep and sodium phosphateMagnesium citrate and sodium phosphateNo significant different reported between bowel preparations for the two regimens. No safety concerns were raised, but numbers of adverse events were not describedElective colonoscopyUnclearUnclearUnclearUnclearUnclear riskNone apparent
Pinfield and Stringer14 19996318 months–16 yearsPicolaxBisacodyl+phosphate enemaBowel preparation was good or excellent in all of the patients in the picolax group (n=32) compared with 22 patients in the bisacodyl phosphate enema group (n=31). Abdominal discomfort was reported by seven in the picolax group vs 18 in the bisacodyl group and vomiting by three in the picolax group and 0 in the bisacodyl groupElective colonoscopyUnclearSealed envelopesSingle blindHigh risk—only adverse eventsHigh riskNone apparent
Elitsur et al 17 201393Mean 10 years4-day protocol
PEG 3350
2-day protocol PEG 3350+bisacodylAdequate colon preparation was reached in 57.5% of regimen 1% and 73.6% of regimen 2. Side effects were reported as minimal and comparable in both groups (abdominal pain: 26%–32%, vomiting: 2%). None of the children discontinued his protocol due to side effectsElective colonoscopyComputer-generated random listUnclearUnclearUnclearHigh riskNone apparent
Sorser et al 16 2014322–21 years1-day PEG 3350
Max 255 g
3-day PEG 3350 max 85 g/dayA grading of excellent or good was given to 18/18 in regimen 1 and 13/14 in regimen 2. In regimen 1, 5 reports of minor side effects were made versus 10 reports in regimen 2.Elective colonoscopyNo detail givenUnclearSingle blindLow riskLow riskNone apparent
Najafi et al 15 20151002–14 years1 day 2 g/kg PEG+Bisacodyl Suppository2 day 1.5 g/kg PEG+Bisacodyl suppositoryA grading of excellent or good was given to 35/50 in regimen 1 and 36/50 in regimen 2. Regimen 1 8/18 complained of nausea, 1/18 vomiting and 4/18 abdominal pain vs 3/14 nausea, 2/14 vomiting and 3/14 of abdominal pain in regimen 2.Elective colonoscopyComputer-generated random numbersA technician randomly assignSingle blindLow riskLow riskNone apparent
El-Baba et al 18 2006624–18 yearsPrepackaged food kit, magnesium citrateSodium phosphateQuality of colon cleansing rated as excellent in 50% of regimen 1% and 19% of regimen 2. 30/36 in group 1 reported minor side effects versus 26/26 in group 2.Elective colonoscopyComputer random number generatorUnclearSingle blindUnclearLow riskNone apparent
  • PEG, polyethylene glycol.