Table 1

Search strategy

Main research questionWhich comorbidities are associated with deformational plagiocephaly in children under 2 years and what is their estimated incidence and prevalence as reported in the various studies?
Populationinfant* OR newborn OR neonate* OR baby OR babies OR full#term OR pre#term OR toddler*
Concept1. deformational plagiocephal* OR positional plagiocephal* OR “flat head syndrome” OR posterior plagiocephal*
2. comorbidit* OR “developmental delay” OR reflux OR cry OR crying OR ocular OR problem* OR feed* OR position* OR preference OR inciden* OR “clinical sign*” OR symptom* OR addition* OR co#occur* OR condition* OR co#existing OR confound* OR factor* OR associat*
ContextNo cultural, geographical or population factors applied
Study designcohort OR cross#sectional OR “case control” OR observational