Table 1

Parent and patient participant characteristics 1

ParticipantGestational age of child or patientReason for interest in participatingFeeding methodSingle/multiple
Incidence of necrotising enterocolitis (NEC)?Survival of baby(ies)Support for trial
Parent 133+3 weeksPharmacist w/RCT experienceMum’s milkSingleNYY
Parent 2n/aNEC/preterm charity volunteerMum’s milk and formulaSingleYYN
Parent 3n/aBreastfeeding peer supporterMum’s milk and formulaSingleNYY
Parent 422 weeksNEC/preterm charity volunteerMum’s milk and donor milkTwinsN/NY/NY
Parent 533 weeksn/aMum’s milk and
Parent 629+5 weeksn/aMum’s milk and formulaTwinsSuspected NEC/NY/YY
Parent 728 weeksn/aMum’s milk and formulaSingleYYY
Patient/parent 1229 weeksNEC/preterm charity volunteerFormula and donor milk/formula and donor milkSingle/singleY/YY/YY
Patient 128+4 weeksPaediatric nurseMum’s milk and FormulaTwinN/suspected NECY/N3Y