Table 4

Item topic guide for the health system substudy

Service delivery:What are the referral pathways for C-AUD? What C-AUD screening and treatment criteria is available? Is this screening and treatment for C-AUD according to guidelines? How can absence or interruptions in these services be avoided? How can adverse outcomes at screening and treatment be monitored?
Human resource for health:What is the capacity in terms of human and material resource of selected health facilities to manage C-AUD? What are the skills of health workers to correctly diagnose and treat C-AUD? Can an education package be provided as on-job training locally to increase the capacity of the health workers?
Health financing:How much does it cost to screen and treat C-AUD or other mental disorders? What is the source of funding and advocacy efforts to secure funding to meet finance gaps? What are the cost of equipment, training, space and human resources for the C-AUD management? How can additional and sustainable financing be invested in these areas? How do we measure the allocative and technical efficiency of these investments?
Pharmaceuticals and other medical products:What is the level of access to drugs? Are there medical products for treatment of C-AUD? How can the supply-chain management for the drugs be improved?
Health Management Information System (HMIS):What data needs to be collected in the HMIS for tracking C-AUD? How is data captured in the registers or other records? Examples of process indicators are: percentage of children 6–13 years meeting the screening criteria for C-AUD after examination; percentage of children 6–13 years meeting the treatment criteria who receive the appropriate intervention; and percentage of children 6–13 years needing treatment of C-AUD who are treated within 48 hours of the decision to treat.
  • C-AUD, Child Alcohol Use Disorder; HMIS, Health management information system.