Table 1

Extracted data checklist

Data headingDescription
NameSystem name
TypeSystem type (NSS, NRS and NIS)
Country(s)Name of the country or countries (in international systems) in which the system is implemented
YearYear of system establishment
StakeholdersOrganisations or institutions that support the system
Key objectivesAll the objectives and purposes for which the system was created
Data collection centresSources, centres and all places where data are collected, for example, from households, schools, clinics
Collected dataMinimum data set or information received from the patient in each system
Malnutrition measurement criteriaOne way to measure malnutrition is to study nutrition-related outcomes, such as anthropometric measurements, biochemical indicators, clinical signs of malnutrition, etc
Population groupAge of children
Geographical area coveredCities or countries covered by each system
Frequency of reportingNumber of times reports are given
Frequency of data collectionNumber of times and frequency of data being collected
Website addressWebsite address of the system where it updates information about system activities
  • NIS, nutrition information systems; NRS, nutrition registry systems; NSS, nutrition surveillance systems.