Table 2

Results of the international survey for type and dose of sedatives in children after cardiac surgery

Neonates 0–28 daysInfants 29 days–2 years
MedicationUse in hospitals (n)dosesUse in hospitals (n)doses
Midazolam IV bolus mg/kg120.05–1.5120.05–1.5
Midazolam IV mg/kg/h150.06–4150.06–0.5
Clonidine IV bolus mcg/kg30.5–230.5–2
Clonidine IV mcg/kg/h70.5–270.5–2
Lorazepam PO mg/kg30.0530.05
Propofol IV bolus mg/kg3131
Propofol IV mg/kg/h31–631–6
Esketamine IV bolus mg/kg10.5–110.5–1
Esketamine IV mg/kg/h10.5–1.510.5–1.5
Chloral hydrate IV mg/kg310–50310–50
Chloral hydrate NG mg/kg112.5–25112.5–25
Promethazine mg/kg10.5–1.510.5–1.5
Chlorpromazine mg/kg20.5–1.520.5–1.5
  • Hospitals represented in the survey: see table 1.

  • NG, nasogastric; PO, per oral.