Table 2

Extracted data form

Data headingDescription
TitleTitle of the article or study
YearResearch year
AuthorFirst author/s last name
JournalThe journal where the article was published
CountryLocation of the study (the country where the research was conducted)
Study typeStudy design
ObjectivePurpose of the research
Sample sizeNumber of participants in the study (intervention group and control group)
Comparison/control group treatmentType of usual care or action that the comparison group receives
Intervention groupCharacteristics of the intervention group (parents, pregnant mothers or babies), such as maternal age, maternal gestational age, neonatal age, neonatal sex, etc
Control groupControl group specification (age, sex, etc)
Application nameMobile application name
PlatformOperating systems are used primarily in mobile technology, eg, iOS/Android
Application purposeThe purpose of application design
Application specificationFeatures and capabilities of the application
Intervention typeProcesses that take place in the intervention
Application domainUse area/s of mobile applications (prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment)
Communication methodMethods of providing services and transferring educational content in applications (audio, image, video, text message)
Inclusion/exclusion criteriaInclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting the study sample
Clinical/technical participantClinical participants (nurse, midwife, doctor) and technical participants (computer engineer) in the study
Application locationA place where parents use the application (at home or in the hospital)
Geographical extentThe geographical area where the intervention is performed (city, state, country, between several countries)
Application implementation methodOnline (internet connection) or offline
Most significant findingsNoteworthy results of the study
OutcomeFindings that contribute to the research question and the consequences mentioned in the study that were obtained after using the application
Challenges /barriers and opportunity/benefitsBarriers and opportunities to intervene with the application
Quality scoreScores obtained from the qualitative evaluation of the article