Table 1

Results describing views on ACT and a potential trial presented as themes and subthemes

Deductive themesInductive subtheme
Views on ACTAcceptabilityAn extra possibility for those struggling
Better than CBT-f
Not suitable for everyone
Accepting the word ‘acceptance’
FeasibilityNo more difficult to deliver but need specific training
Timing of delivering ACT should be individualised
Reasons why ACT could be efficaciousPragmatism, acceptance and compassion are valued in chronic illness
Cognitive defusion is less tiring but difficult to achieve
Focussing on values helps to ‘get through’
Addressing both psychological and physical needs
Normalising difficulties is a beneficial life skill
Views on a trialBarriers and facilitators to trial recruitmentAttitudes toward research
Treatment fatigue
Reluctance to be randomised
  • ACT, acceptance and commitment therapy; CBT-f, cognitive behavioural therapy-for-fatigue.