Table 1

Summary of mental health crisis admissions to Great Ormond Street Hospital during the first wave of COVID-19 between 1 March and 31 May 2020.

Duration of admissionDays
Mean length of stay3.9
SD for average length of stay3.5
Longest length of stay13
Shortest stay0
Admission characteristicsn
Number of patients36
Total number of admissions39
Number of readmissions3
Mean age (years)15
SD for age2
Admission diagnosesn (%)
Self harm and suicidal behaviour (DSH/suicidal ideation)17 (44)
Affective symptoms: anxiety and low mood6 (15)
Psychotic presentations: psychotic, hypomania and mania1 (3)
Behavioural issues: agitation/withdrawal/mutism4 (10)
Substance misuse0
Somatisation/functional presentations3 (8)
Social issues/out of parental control1 (3)
Disordered eating5 (13)
No information2 (5)
Mental health act admissions statusn (%)
Number of voluntary admissions26 (67)
Number of section 26 (15)
Number of section 5.25 (13)
Number of section 32 (5)
Nursing ratiosn (%)
Number of patients under general observation5 (13)
Number of patients under 1 to 1 supervision22 (56)
Number of patients under 2 to 1 supervision9 (23)
Number of patients under 3 to 1 supervision3 (8)
Ward interventionn
Number of episodes of sedation4
Number of episodes of restraint9
Discharge locationn
Number of discharges to home/family member22
Number of discharges to tier 411
Discharges to social care3
Discharges to specialist ASD service1
  • ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder; DSH, Deliberate Self Harm.