Table 1

Eligible studies

PaperThe studyLeukotriene receptor antagonistOther drugs
First authorYearType of studyPatients (of relevant age)Patients administered the LTRAAge of patientsParticipant characteristics (as presented in study)LTRA administeredDose information givenLength of drug administration prior to ADR presentationAdditional drugs administered by patients
Lenney 26 2013Randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled, parallel study63216–14 years 11 months40 males, 23 females (whole study)Montelukast5 mg/day0–48 weeksInhaled fluticasone propionate 100 µg two times per day.
Ammari 29 2018Prospective cohort study56562–17 yearsNot specifiedMontelukastNot specified1–24 weeksInhaled steroids.
Ghosh 27 2006Prospective cohort study50503–11 years28 males, 22 femalesMontelukast3–4 years 4 mg,
>4 years 5 mg
Not specifiedSalbutamol or terbutaline, used when needed.
Kukreja 28 2004Prospective cohort study8818816–14 years573 males, 308 femalesMontelukast5 mg/day0–30 daysShort acting inhaled beta-2-agonists, used ‘as needed’.
Arnold 45 2020Retrospective cohort study312312age 6 (5–8) years (median (IQR))55% male, 45% femaleMontelukast(0.5–17.8 mg/kg/day)Not specifiedNot specified.
Benard 46 2017Retrospective cohort study2231061–17 years66 male, 40 female (case).
66 Caucasian, 21 North African, 4 black, 3 Asian, 3 East Indian, 3 Hispanic,
6 inter-racial/other (case).
Montelukast2 unknown,
53 4 mg/day,
47 5 mg/day,
4 10 mg/day
Not specifiedNot specified.
Erdem 47 2015Retrospective cohort study10241024Not specified (‘children’)Not specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified.
Glocker-Lauf 48 2018Matched, nested case–control study439543955–18 years1874/3497 female (control), 476/898 female (case).MontelukastNot specifiedNot specified‘Asthma Maintenance Medication’ other than an LTRA.
Kobayashi 31 2003Case report1117 yearsJapanese malePranlukast450 mg/day13 monthsTheophylline 400 mg/day.
Kocyigit 49 2013Case report1113 yearsMaleMontelukastNot specified24–36 hoursSalbutamol, formoterol and budesonide.
Byrne 50 2012Case report119 yearsCaucasian maleMontelukast5 mg/day2.5 yearsBeclomethasone inhaler, 50 mcg, 1 puff two times per day.
Montoro De Francisco 30 2015Case report117 yearsMaleMontelukast4 mg/day12 hoursNot specified.
Scholz 51 2019Case report1111 yearsMaleMontelukastNot specified4 monthsSalbutamol and salmeterol/fluticasone.
Skillman 52 2011Case report22
  1. 4 years

  2. 6 years

  1. Male

  2. Hispanic female

  1. 5 mg/day

  2. 4 mg/day then 5 mg/day

  1. Since starting

  2. Since does increase after child’s sixth birthday

  1. Albuterol 2.5 mg nebulised every 4–6 hours, cetirizine 5 mg daily.

  2. Fluticasone oral inhaler 44 mcg two times per day, cetirizine 5 mg.

Star 53 2011Case report11TeenageMaleMontelukastNot specifiedNot specifiedEscitalopram which was later changed to venlafaxine and risperidone.
  • ADR, adverse drug reaction; LTRA, leukotriene receptor antagonist .