Table 1

Percentage of children that underestimate, have a realistic body image or overestimate their body weight per weight category in 750 (aged 10–14 years) children in Bonaire*

Underestimation of body weight*, % Realistic body image†, % Overestimation of body weight, %
Normal weight32.952.115.0
  • *Weight category was classified according to the International Obesity Task Force.13

  • †A realistic body image for underweight children was defined as ‘much too thin or a bit too thin’; for normal weight children: ‘not too thin, not too fat’; for overweight (including obese) children: ‘a bit too fat or much too fat’ or ‘much too fat’. There was no significant difference in body image per weight category between boys and girls.

  • ‡Overweight including obesity.