Table 4

Top 5 reasons for emergency department (ED) visits for surgical procedures

Procedure (no of visits)n% of
ED visits/procedure
Tonsillectomy (n=1950)
Acute pain40320.7
Haemorrhage and haematoma23812.2
Other complications of procedures, not elsewhere classified1557.9
Implantation of internal devices, tympanic membrane (n=506)
Otitis media377.3
Acute upper respiratory infection367.1
Haemorrhage and haematoma275.4
Acute pain265.2
Hernia (n=125)
Haemorrhage and haematoma1512.0
Other complications of procedures118.8
Attention to surgical dressings and sutures97.2
Acute pain75.6
Disruption of operation wound, not elsewhere classified64.8