Table 1

Latin American Network of Congenital Malformation registries contributing data to the study

Country/regionCongenital anomaly registryCoverage (hospital or population-based)*Start of data collectionNumber of births per yearMicrocephaly registration†
ArgentinaRENACNational, 40% of all births. (H)2009300 000A+C
BrazilSINASC—SIMNational. (P)20003 000 000A+B to 2016, then C
ChileRENACHNational. (H)2016133 000A+C
Chile—MauleRRMC-SSMRegional, Maule district, covers 5.5% of Chile. (P)200113 000A+B
Colombia—BogotaCMSPBogota DC. (H)2006110 000A+C
Colombia—CALICBDSPCity of Cali. (H)201135 000A+C
Costa RicaCRECNational system, all births. (P)198770 000A+C
Mexico—Nuevo LeonReDeCon HU-NUEVO LEÓNRegional. (H)201510 000A+C
Nicaragua—LeonSVDC UNAN-LEÓNRegional, city of Leon. (H)200510 000A+C
  • *H: hospital-based; P: population-based.

  • †A: as clinically diagnosed, no national guidelines; B: guidelines for surveillance specify <−3SD; C: guidelines for surveillance specify <−2SD or third percentile.