Table 1

Site and staff demographics and data collection details

Site ASite BSite CSite D
Hospital demographics
 Median patients per site (IQR)39 (36–43)105 (94–114)17 (16–18)37 (32–40)
 Median patient age (range)9 months (0–17 years)8 years (1–24 years)20 months (0–17 years)9 months (0–17 years)
 Number of clinical areas2411
Conflict management training demographics
 Number of training sessions8521
 Number of staff trained1331011714
 Gender of staff trained (%, female)89%94%89%86%
  Consultant grade20%16%24%
  Non-consultant grade2%1%12%
  Senior nurses*26%22%34%
  Junior nurses45%48%18%
 Allied health professionals5%12%12%
Data collection
 Length of data collection (weeks)47525553
  Pre CMF11181820
  Post CMF36343833
 Number of conflicts Identified (n)432216147205
  Pre CMF761204587
  Post CMF35696102118
  • Site D had undergone training in conflict management previously, so the training was limited to one half-day focused on application of the CMF tool.

  • *Senior nurses include sisters, paediatric and advanced nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists.

  • †Therapists include occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists and play therapists.

  • CMF, conflict management framework.