Table 1

Demographic and clinical data from 10 patients enrolled in the study

PatientAgePrevious CBMP medicationCurrent CBMP medicationDaily dose of CBMP medication (mL)Daily dose of THC (mg)Daily dose of CBD (mg)Monthly seizures pre-CBMPMonthly seizures post-CBMPReduction in monthly seizure frequency (%)Monthly CBMP cost (£)
16Epidiloex, Bedrolite, Bedica, Bedrocan, THC-A, Charlottes WebSweet Pink CBD23.8200285821600
23Charlottes Web/Hayleighs Hope/Bedrolite and BedicaCelixir202.26225280056080500
45NDSweet Pink CBD1.85.41801204562.5200
69Charlottes Webb, Hayleighs Hope, over the counter CBDBedrolite+Bedrocan3.6 Bedrolite1436060010980
713BedroliteCelixir20 and Althea1000.9 Celixir20, 0.2 Althea1002.911030542861389
89Bedrolite and BedicaCelixir200.7527545589400
101Haleighs HopeBedrolite+Bedica1.68 Bedrolite, 0.1 Bedica5.41681301588750
  • CBD, cannabidiol; CBMP, cannabis-based medical product; THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol.