Table 2

Diverted paediatric patient groups during COVID-19 time period

Unique hospital codeHungary 001Ireland 001Ireland 002Italy 004Lithuania 001Portugal 004Slovenia 001Spain 001Turkey 002UK 002UK 004UK 006
Our ED is now the only ED in the region open for paediatric patients
All children, but only out of hours (OOH) (when this would not have occurred previously)
Ambulances diverted to our ED
Paediatric major trauma (where previously other departments had managed)
Patients referred by primary care (where previously primary care would have seen)
Suspected COVID-19 patients are diverted to our centre
Partial Diversion from other hospitals (in regions where some PEDs closed more than one PEDs remained open so diversion was across centres)
  • ED, emergency department; PED, paediatric emergency department.