Table 1

Regional distribution of anaemia prevalence among child under 5 years in Western China* (n=52†)

Western Chinan (pooled n)Total prevalence, %Range of reported prevalence in child by regional distribution, %
Median (IQR)RangeRural (n=26)Urban (n=6)
ProvinceQinghai5 (15430)67.80% (64.70–72.75)59.10%–75.74% a21, a26, a46, a48, a5159.10%–72.75% a46, a51
Shaanxi8 (12518)46.20% (35.12–49.31)32.00%–54.26% a6, a15, a23, a25, a32, a36, a45, a4732.00%–54.26% a6, a23, a25, a32, a36, a45, a47
Guizhou7 (37538)37.50% (31.24–50.63)14.90%–57.60% a9, a11, a13, a17, a34, a41, a5127.20%–53.67% a11, a13, a41, a51
Yunnan5 (49298)29.55% (14.58–35.20)13.22%–47.15% a8, a18, a20, a33, a3534.58% a8‡2.29% a8
Gansu7 (22512)25.69% (11.70–42.52)3.69%–74.30% a5, a30, a31, a37, a41, a50§, a513.69%–47.13% a5, a30, a37, a41, a51
Sichuan7 (28385)17.06% (14.57–37.67)6.16%–51.90% a1, a2, a4, a14, a41, a49§, a517.40%–51.90% a1, a2, a41, a514.29%–17.06% a2, a4
Autonomous regionsXinjiang6 (41014)45.00% (27.49–57.11)9.81%–67.30% a3, a16, a22, a29, a41, a519.91%–57.79% a3, a16, a29, a41, a519.68%–44.00% a3, a16, a29
Inner Mongolia4 (16554)29.17% (13.78–42.55)5.33%–45.00% a27, a38, a41, a5116.60%–45.00% a38, a41, a51
Tibet1 (540)41.70% a40‡41.70% a40‡
Ningxia2 (8758)26.4%–44.46% a12, a51**26.4% a12‡
Guangxi3 (15515)15.60%–45.76% a41, a42, a51††15.60%–45.76% a41, a42, a51ⅵ
MunicipalityChongqing2 (7417)51.7%–53.20% a19, a51**
One research including all the 12 provinces1 (2380)49.00% a5449.00% a54‡
In total52 (176462)42.54% (25.62–52.56)3.69%–75.74% a1-a6, a8-a23, a25, a26, a28-a38, a40-a5541.72% (26.88–48.90);
10.50% (6.99–23.12);
2.29%–44.00% a2-a4, a8, a16, a28, a29
  • Notes: for references see appendix reference list.

  • *Anaemia is defined by the WHO standard (WHO, 2011)16 and the Chinese standard (the China Pediatrics Association, 2010)15 as a haemoglobin level is below 145 g/L for children aged 0–29 days, below 90 g/L for children aged 1–3 months, below 100 g/L for children aged 4–6 months, or below 110 g/L for children aged 6–59 months is considered anaemia.

  • †Three of the total 55 studies are not included in this table because they do not report overall anaemia prevalence by province.

  • ‡Reported as point estimate only, as n=1.

  • §Affected by Wenchuan earthquake.

  • ¶The references as follows: a1–a3, a5, a6, a8, a11–a13, a16, a23, a25, a29, a30, a32, a36–a38, a40–a42, a45–a47, a51, a54.

  • **Reported as range only, as n=2.

  • ††Reported as range only, as n=3.