Table 1

Enhanced nutrition package (ENP) components

ENP contentActivityFrequency
Nutritional education/counsellingCounselling about healthy eating, adequate pregnancy weight gain, increasing protein and energy in diet, importance of iron/folate, iodised salt.Every ANC visit
Iron–folateStrengthen counselling, supply and reinforcement of daily IFA (60 mg Fe/400 µg folic acid).Provide initial supply per Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health at enrollment; reinforce adherence, restock, and manage side effects at follow-up ANC visits.
Iodised saltProvide supply (600 gm) of adequately iodized salt (30-40ppm) for routine household use during pregnancy; adherence monitoring and counselling.Enrolment and monthly follow-up ANC visits
Balanced energy protein supplementFor pregnant women with MUAC <23 cm, provide locally-produced, micronutrient fortified, corn soya blend (SuperCereal) [200 g daily supplement (760 kcal/day, 28 g protein)].Daily supplement, distributed at enrolment and follow-up ANC visits
  • ANC, antenatal care; ENP, enhanced nutrition package; IFA, iron–folate; MUAC, mid-upper arm circumferences.