Table 3

Enhancing Nutrition and Antenatal Infection Treatment study outcomes

 P1. Newborn weightWeight of the unclothed infant measured at <72 hours of life.
 P2. Newborn lengthInfant length measured at <72 hours of life.
 S1. Gestational ageGestational age determined by enrolment ultrasound, CRL used if <95 mm (INTERGROWTH 21st), then BPD/FL (WHO Kiserud) used if CRL >95 mm or missing.
S2a. Proportion of pregnancies resulting in delivery at <37 weeks gestationNumerator: number of pregnancies resulting in spontaneous termination of pregnancy at <37 weeks gestation (including preterm live birth or fetal loss (spontaneous pregnancy loss, not due to induced abortion)).
Denominator: All pregnancy outcomes.
S2b. Preterm live birth rateNumerator: Live births <37 weeks of gestation.
Denominator: Live births.
S3. Small-for-gestational age (INTERGROWTH)Numerator: Infants <10% birth weight for GA by sex compared with INTERGROWTH neonatal birthweight standard.2
Denominator: Live births
S4. Low birth weightNumerator: Newborns with birth weight (<72 hours of life) <2500 g.
Denominator: Live births.
We will also assess the outcome of birth weight <2000 g.
S5. Stillbirth rateNumerator: Stillbirth/fetal death (≥28 weeks gestation) with no signs of life.
Denominator: All live births and stillbirths
S6. Newborn head circumferenceHead circumference of the infant measured at <72 hours of age.
S7. Newborn weight, length and head circumference for age Z-scoresInfant weight, length and head circumference for age z-scores measured at <72 hours of life, calculated using the INTERGROWTH neonatal standards for size at birth.
S8. Rate of weight gain in pregnancyMaternal weight gain (kg) per week gestation in the second and third trimester.
S9. Maternal anaemiaMean haemoglobin concentration in third trimester
  • BPD, biparietal diameter; CRL, crown rump length; FL, femur length; GA, gestational age.