Model 2Swimmer’s session mean 50 m swim time (as % of personal best time)
211(−62 to 485)Constant
<0.001(–0.004 to 0.006)Volume of sports drink
0.006(0.000 to 0.013)Volume of water
−0.004(−0.006 to −0.001)Session training distance
0.222(–0.422 to 0.876)Increase in thirst
0.248(−0.659 to 1.156)Increase in tiredness
0.015(−1.058 to 1.088)Dehydration (%)
2.607(0.908 to 4.305)Swimmer’s session coefficient of variation for times
−2.739(−12.112 to 6.635)Pool temperature
0.002(−0.225 to 0.229)Study duration (weeks)