Table 1

Most commonly used words to describe parenting in the pandemic

Negative wordsPositive words
Lonely (p=0.91)135/30444.40%Strong bonding (p=1.0)48/30415.80%
1st time parent59/13643.40%1st time parent21/13615.40%
1+ other children75/16844.60%1+ other children27/16816.10%
Isolating (p=0.71)97/30431.90%Family time (p=0.87)45/30414.80%
1st time parent45/13633.10%1st time parent21/13615.40%
1+ other children52/16831.00%1+ other children24/16814.30%
Worrying (p=0.87)47/30415.50%Calm/peaceful (p=0.58)34/30410.90%
1st time parent20/13614.70%1st time parent17/13612.50%
1+ other children27/16816.10%1+ other children17/16810.10%
Challenging (p=0.10)44/30414.50%Rewarding (p=0.03)24/3047.90%
1st time parent25/13618.40%1st time parent16/13611.80%
1+ other children19/16811.30%1+ other children8/1684.80%
Exhausted/tiring (p=0.71)31/30410.20%Happy (p=0.83)23/3047.60%
1st time parent15/13611.00%1st time parent11/1368.10%
1+ other children16/1689.50%1+ other children12/1687.10%
  • Comparisons were made for response between first-time parents and parents who welcomed another child. Adjustment made for multiple comparisons set significance at 0.005.