Table 5

Comparison of top 10 diagnoses between non-homeless and homeless children under 16 years attending ED*

P value
n%95% CIn%95% CI
1Injury44829.927.6 to 32.3Injury5941917.6 to 20.4χ2 (17)=175
2Resp viral1399.37.9 to 10.8Resp viral47515.214 to 16.5
3Other viral13597.7 to 10.6Other viral2798.98 to 10
4Infection885.94.8 to 7.2Wheezing2688.67.6 to 9.6
5Well child845.64.6 to 6.9Gastro2638.47.5 to 9.4
6Gastro785.24.2 to 6.4Infection1946.25.4 to 7.1
7RTI734.93.9 to 6.1Injury review1906.15.3 to 7
8Wheezing714.73.8 to 5.9RTI1865.95.2 to 6.8
9Injury review533.52.7 to 4.6Well child1344.33.6 to 5
10Seizure322.11.5 to 3Constipation551.81.1 to 1.9
None—DNW503.32.5 to 4.4None—DNW1434.63.9 to 5.4
  • Resp viral=viral respiratory tract infection, including upper respiratory tract infection and croup, excluding wheezing. Well child=no identifiable illness or injury. Gastro=viral gastroenteritis. Wheezing=bronchiolitis/viral wheeze/asthma. Bacterial infection=non-respiratory bacterial infection.

  • *Diagnoses were derived from reviewing clinical notes, not a hospital coding system.

  • DNW, did not wait; RTI, bacterial respiratory tract infection.