Table 1

Interview question areas and response choices

1Are you aware/informed about your child/student’s reason for being prescribed the EpiPen?a. Yesb. No
2. What’s the age of child in years?a. 1–3b. 3–6c. 6–9d. 9–14
3. Gendera. Maleb. Female
4. Nationalitya. Qatarib. Non-Qatari
5. Are all these correct about anaphylaxis definition?
  • It’s a severe allergic reaction that involves more than one organ system

  • Can happen instantly

  • EpiPen usage can save life when used promptly.

a. Correctb. Incorrect
6. What allergy does your child have?a. Foodb. Medicationsc. Bee/ant stingd. Unknown allergye. Multiple allergy
7. What food is your child allergic to?a. Nut allergyb. Eggc. Fish/milkd. Unknown foode. Multiple food allergyf. N/A
8. If you choose ‘a’, please specify?a. Peanutsb. Cashewsc. Pistachiosd. Unknown nutse. Multiple nuts allergyf. N/A
9. How long ago was your child first prescribed the EpiPen?a. 0–3 monthsb. 3–6 monthsc. More than 6 months
10. How many times have you used the EpiPen since it was prescribed?a. Neverb. Oncec. Twiced. Thrice
11. Who prescribed the EpiPen for your child?a. Paediatricianb. Allergy/Immunologyc. Both
12. Where did you first receive the first EpiPen prescription?a. Emergency Departmentb. Outpatientc. Both
13. Have you ever received instructions on how to use the EpiPen?a. Yesb. No
14. If yes, who gave you the instructions to use the EpiPen?a. Physicianb. Non-physician, for example, nurse, pharmacist, brochure, etc
15. Where did you receive the instructions about EpiPen use?a. Emergency Departmentb. Outpatientc. Both
16. What are the symptoms you use EpiPen for?a. Cardiorespiratory, for example, cough, breathing difficulty and or collapseb. Non-cardiorespiratory, for example, rash, swelling, etc
17. At what temperature do you store your EpiPen?a. Room tempb. Refrigerator
18. How many EpiPen should your child ideally have?a. 1b. 2c. 3 or more
19. Where should your child ideally keep his/her EpiPen?a. At homeb. With him all timesc. At school
20. Have you ever checked the expiry date of the EpiPen?a. Yesb. Noc. N/A
21. What are the correct steps involved in using the EpiPen?
  1. Pull off the safety cap

  2. Direct injection towards mid-thigh

  3. Push medicine into the thigh until you hear a click, then wait 10 s.

  4. Remove the EpiPen

a. Correctb. Incorrect
22. Would you use the EpiPen as soon as your child is suspected to be exposed to the allergen OR would you wait for symptoms to appear?a. Give immediatelyb. Wait for the symptoms to completely appear
23. True/False:
You must remove the child’s clothes before using the EpiPen?
a. Yesb. No
24. Is an emergency department visit required after using the EpiPen?a. Yesb. No
  • N/A, not applicable.